900 Square Foot Sectional Cast Layout Floor with T-Slots Hydra-Shear Hydraulic Plate Shear, ˝" x 72" capacity
Bar Roll Forming Layout Tables to 102" x 288"
Bug-O Programmable Shape Burning Machine Marvel Automatic Band Saw with 20-ft. Power Roller Tables
Burny 4-Head CNC Burning Table, 60" x 120", to 10" thick Overhead Hoists to 50-Ton
Burny CNC Plasma Thermal Arc Burning to 2" thick Stainless Painting, Coating, and Cold Galvanizing Facilities
Chicago 200-ton Press Brake Plate Roll Forming to ˝" x 12-ft.
Computerized and Automated Welding Machines Sandblasting and Shot Blasting
Gantry Table Straightening Press Special ABS Certified Shaft Cladding, Stainless or Carbon
Heath Visual Outline Template Burning, 60" x 120", to 10" thick Special Shape Generation and Flare Forming to 1" Stainless
Heavy Punching Equipment Special Welding Positioners to 80,000 lb. Capacity
Heavy Structural and Heavy Plate Fabrication Welding Machines to 600-Amp
Yard and Inside Lift Trucks to 50-Ton  
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