Bullard VTL with Boring Ram, 62" Swing, 48" below rail Lucas Precision x60" y60" z32" Boring Mill, 4" dia. x 22" Spindle
King Vertical Turret Lathe, 40" Swing, 30" below rail Giddings & Lewis x60" y33" z48" Boring Mill, 4" dia. Spindle
Niles 120" Vertical Turning & Grinding Machine, 31" below rail Lucas x36" y36" z24" Boring Mill, 3" dia. spindle
Wickes Engine Lathe, 48" Swing x 144" Lagun 14" x 24" Vertical Milling Machine
ProfitMaster Engine Lathe, 22" Swing x 120" Bridgeport 10" x 24" Vertical Milling Machine
Gisholt Turret Lathe, 24" Swing x 48", 6 1/2" dia. Thru Headstock Bridgeport Series II Dual Head CNC Vertical Milling Machine
South Bend Engine Lathe, 16" swing x48" Special Milling Machine Boring Heads to 60" Diameter
Blanchard Model 18 Rotary Surface Grinder, 42" Swing Special Right-Angle and 6-Axis Milling Head Attachments
Harvel Surface Grinder, 12" x 18" Air-Assisted 48" x 48" Precision Rotary Table
Cincinnati II Cutter Grinder with Air Spindle Bearings 60" Diameter Rotary Table, Infinite Positioning
Grand Rapids Universal Cutter Grinder Kearney & Trecker MM-200C CNC Machining Center
Rigid and Oster OD Thread Cutting Equipment Special Cold Saws and Abrasive Chop Saws
Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws Complete Inspection Equipment and Instruments
Cincinnati-Gilbert x216" y96" Floor Mill With Heidenhain Measuring System, 5" dia. X z48" spindle Special Micrometers and Measuring Instruments
Ingersoll 96" x 120" Variable-Speed Rotary Table with Heidenhain Measuring System, z48" travel x 00°-00’-05" resolution 48" x 60" Granite Surface Plate
KMC Model 1030 Floor Type 5-Axis Heavy Drilling and Tapping Machine, x96" y72", 3" dia. X z24" spindle 6" x 48" Cylinder Square
Giddings & Lewis x72" y72" z47" Boring Mill, 5" dia. Spindle  
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