A quick look at a few of our products

The special Alaskan supply vessel "Aku" which was fitted with four matched 30" Type 37 nozzles. Two 96" all stainless steel type 37 nozzles with extra-heavy plating being installed on the 3100-hp "Dirk Danos"
"City of Louisville" and it's sister vessel "City of Pittsburgh" were both rebuilt using Harrington 103.4" Type 37 nozzles with one-pc. stainless steel interiors, matched propeller stern tubes and special shallow-    draft bottoms. Two Type 19B nozzles with a special triple rudder system that, in addition to having all the benefits of a propeller nozzle, can reduce the turning radius of a vessel by up to 70%
Harrington combination rudder shaft bearings and stuffing boxes are used in a wide variety of applications, most often in rudder systems.  Thruster tunnels are installed in the hulls of vessels to increase maneuverability.  Harrington builds thruster tunnels in many special configurations and sizes.
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