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Type 19A Nozzle

Type 19B Nozzle

Type 37 Nozzle

The aft portion of this style of nozzle is approximately equal to the center diameter, and is most often used when greater free-running speed is required. This nozzle will generate the greatest amount of forward thrust of the three main nozzle forms. It is NOT usually recommended where frequent, heavy reverse thrust is required as the prop can cavitate and produce a rumbling vibration. A compromise in form between the straight Type 19A and the double-flared Type 37, this nozzle is built with a taper in the aft portion to minimize or eliminate cavitation during periods of reverse thrust without any significant loss of forward thrust. This style is the most popular and versatile choice for general applications requiring both forward and reverse thrust. Smoothly flared both fore and aft, the Type 37 gives the best performance in applications requiring both heavy forward and heavy reverse thrust. Tugs and workboats are the best candidates for this style of nozzle. Even though there is a slight decrease in forward thrust compared to the other two major styles, a overall gain of 20% to 30% in the Bollard thrust over an open propeller is still normal.
All Harrington nozzles can be furnished with stainless steel interior skins and stainless steel leading and trailing bars for maximum corrosion resistance.

All Harrington nozzles feature a one-piece interior skin, smoothly flared for improved hydrodynamics. Our nozzles all have integral longitudinal and radial framing for uniform strength throughout and longest nozzle life.

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